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Electronic Charts

Electronic Charts

Our range of electronic charts offer the latest in ECDIS technology to give you the fastest and most efficient mapping available. All products come with round-the-clock support and at market-leading prices.

When choosing SeaTec Communications as your chart data provider, you will be advised which chart purchase are the most cost-effective and the process will be customized specifically for your needs.

The vessel can update charts in four different ways :

  • Weekly update CDs
  • Online downloads
  • Tailored dataset automatically provided from SeaTec Communications
  • On board Data Server

SeaTec Communications provide also the Pay As You Sail where the vessel will have licensed access to view and pre-plan in official charts as no extra cost. The vessel will only be charged for charts used for actual navigation monitoring; in other words, charts that have been displayed on the screen together with ships position and symbol or generated navigation alarms. Recording and reporting of charts used is done with ECDIS logbook.

Official ENC data is the only format approved for use in an ECDIS system. It plays a huge role in the reliability and accuracy of your system, so receiving chart data from your ECDIS manufacturer means you benefit in terms of both operation and support. Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS) was developed by Transas in partnership with the United Kingdom Hydrography Office (UKHO). It delivers global chart coverage in a special pre-packed format called SENC (Transas ECDIS only) or standard ENC format (to all other ECDIS users) with a range of carefully considered additional data services. Transas Admiralty Data Service includes:

  • Transas SENC Services for the Transas product line
  • AVCS (ENC) Services for other brands of ECS, ECDIS and Chart Radar
  • Admiralty Digital Publications
  • Weather Services
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners)
  • Admiralty Raster Chart Service


The appropriate training for the crew and relevant shore-based managerial staff is crucial when implementing ECDIS. All bridge officers keeping watch on a vessel equipped with an ECDIS should receive general ECDIS training in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.27, in addition to hands-on training in the particular equipment used on board. Transas ECDIS training provides your team with the latest knowledge about ECDIS, as well as a detailed introduction to the features of the ECDIS equipment. Transas provides the following types of ECDIS training worldwide:

  • ECDIS IMO Model Course 1.27 at our affiliated Training Institutes and Academies
  • Hands-on training, 2 days (16 hours)
  • Computer-based training
  • International Safety Management code (ISM) training
  • Train the Trainer course

To find out more about any of our products or services, please contact your nearest office.