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SeaTec Communications takes over management and support on six BP vessels

SeaTec Communications takes over management and support on six BP vessels


Working in partnership with V.Ships Offshore, SeaTec Communications has taken over the management and support of the communications on board the BP vessels, Caledonian Vision, Caledonian Vigilance, Caledonian Vanguard, Caledonian Victory, NS Iona and NS Elida.

The move, which was cost neutral to the vessels, ensures that the first point of support for any billing or service enquiries is managed by SeaTec Communications. With more direct access to suppliers, our team can ensure any issues are dealt with quickly and meet the vessel’s requirements first time.

SeaTec Communications is also taking responsibility for the upcoming move to the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service. The benefits of this move include a faster bandwidth via the KA Band networks, automatic back-up using more traditional Fleet Broadband (FBB) and no overuse costs for bandwidth, regardless the capacity used.

Andrew Francis, sales manager, airtime says: “It’s been great to work in partnership with our offshore colleagues to enable us to offer this personalised service to our client and we’re happy to welcome the vessels to our expanding networks.”

For further information or for client communication support on this new service please contact Andrew Francis

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